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                                                                      Koodee Poverty Alleviation Campaign In Rongjiang County Guizhou Province



Adhering to the core values of socialism, and under the call of the country to move towards common prosperity, Koodee, as a stainless steel vacuum flask manufacturer, will not forget its original aspirations while pursuing the continuous development of its own business. Serve the public with heart and pursue the company's ideals while also giving play to the company's public welfare and social moral beliefs.


In November, Foshan Koodee Metal Co., Ltd. went to a mobilization meeting for poverty alleviation in Xian Village, Rongjiang County, Guizhou. Our factory employees actively participated in the campaign enthusiastically, and used their own personal skills and work experience to help the villagers in Xian Village to achieve the "zero industry village" to transform into an "economic entity village".


Promoting common prosperity is the ardent hope of the people of the country, and Koodee will continue to make use of its own advantages, devote itself to poverty alleviation, and help underdeveloped villages to realize the transformation of prosperity. In terms of serving the people, we are also committed to researching and developing high-quality, low-price quality products, such as insulated stainless steel water bottle, stainless steel insulated water bottle, stainless steel vacuum flasks. If you have any interest in our products, please send a message to koodee@gzkoodee.com, We will give contact with you as soon as possible.


On the morning of December 10, 2021, the Rongjiang County Red Cross and Guangzhou Koodee Metal Co., Ltd. donated 5,500 benevolent insulated water bottles to Rongjiang County, worth 695,320 yuan, of which the Rongjiang County Public Security Bureau civilian auxiliary police love insulated water cups Of 750, Peng Qiming, member of the Party Committee and deputy political commissar of the Rongjiang County Public Security Bureau, participated in the material donation ceremony.


At the donation ceremony held by the Education Bureau and the Science and Technology Bureau of Rongjiang County, Comrade Peng Qiming, on behalf of the overall public security and civilian auxiliary police, expressed gratitude to Koodee Metal Co., Ltd. for their donation activities. He also stated that the donations, reflecting the invaluable friendship of the government and enterprises, highlighted the high sense of social responsibility of the enterprise for social assistance and the revitalization of the rural areas of Rongjiang County.



Besides, All auxiliary police officers of the Rongjiang County Public Security Bureau will further strengthen their confidence, adhere to the people-centered development concept, keep in mind the original mission of people’s public security as the people, continue to strengthen the follow-up support for the relocation of poverty alleviation and continue to strengthen the rule of law in rural construction and maintenance of rural areas. The overall situation of the society is stable, and we will do our best to promote the construction of safe and beautiful villages and do our best to escort the work of rural revitalization.




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