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We love insulated stainless steel water bottles for several reasons. They keep beer cool in the summer and coffee hot in the winter, they're lighter and more durable than glass, and they're free of the chemicals found in some plastics. Do you want to know how does the bottle works? Koodee here shares some details for readers.


How does an insulated water bottle work?


insulated stainless steel bottle

Stainless steel glasses and thermoses have become so popular because they do a great job of keeping your water at your desired drinking temperature for a long time! If you've ever used one, you probably already know what we're talking about, if you fill up on coffee or tea in the morning, you can drink hot coffee or tea after lunch. Likewise, if you fill it with fresh lemonade in the summer, your drink will still be cold a few hours later. What magic is this? Would you believe this is actually all science? It's real!


What does a vacuum insulated water bottle mean?

The "vacuum sealed" thermo water bottle doesn't just have walls inside and out. It also has a space (insulation) between the two layers which are waterproof (sealed). Conductive heat transfer occurs through collisions between molecules. However, avoid is just an empty space. It contains no molecules or at least very few molecules. Therefore, heat transfer by conduction does not occur. The heat is redirected to the hot liquid inside the bottle and cannot escape which keeps the heat where it belongs and where you want it: in your drink, not in your hands...


The advantage of having a double-layer insulated water bottle

Koodee stainless steel water bottles have grown in popularity in recent years, changing from a professional product to a modern product. The reasons why people make this switch vary widely, but one thing is certain: consumers are starting to expect more from their stainless steel water bottles. Whether you're a morning commuter or an adventurer, your water bottle shouldn't be too far away.


stainless steel water bottle 

Vacuum insulated water bottles are ideal because they will keep your drinks at your desired temperature for hours and they are also ideal for hot and cold drinks, including acidic juices, carbonated drinks and even soups. If you drank your coffee the day before, it's good, you'll only taste the water you put in it the next day because it won't retain the taste of the previous drink!


In addition, thanks to a unique technology, Koodee water bottle does not sweat or drip for a while in the sun. They are ideal for outdoor sports where a firm, non-slip grip is required. We have listed all the benefits of stainless steel water bottles above. Obviously, if you want to ditch single-use plastic bottles, this is your best bet. If you want to make an investment why not check out our range where you can see all of our thermos bottles here.



Most importantly: every purchase you make will donate 5 pennies for family welfare and poverty so what are you waiting for?




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