Vacuum Water Bottle

Vacuum Flasks, also known as thermos flasks, are vacuum insulated bottles for liquid. It allows the liquid to maintain its temperature regardless of the outside temperature. Any hot liquid or cold beverage you will store in it will stay at the desired temperature for a long time. Reheating or refrigerating liquid cannot be possible anytime and anywhere. Therefore, vacuum flasks are designed to keep the liquid hot or cold for up to 8 hours and 24 hours, respectively. Moreover, the modern designs of vacuum insulated bottles come along with a variety of advanced features and materials.

Stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle can keep the temperature of water and food inside the container for a long time. It is convenient for users to enjoy hot food or drink at different times and spaces and is beneficial to improving people's quality of life. In addition, the stainless steel vacuum flask is made of stainless steel, which will not produce harmful substances and odors during use.

With the continuous change in consumer aesthetics and the continuous progress of product manufacturing technology, Koodee, as a professional stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle manufacturer, integrates various fashion elements into the product appearance design, and product styles become increasingly diverse and beautiful, to meet consumer demand for fashion.

Promoting the use of stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by the waste of disposable plastic containers and paper cups, and reduce the consumption of natural resources such as oil, wood, and water during the production of plastic containers and paper cups.





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