Will Stainless Steel Thermos Flask Cause Harm To Our Body ?



The best vacuum flasks have a double function: they hold hot liquids (like coffee) and cold drinks (like ice water), which makes them ideal for riding in the heat of summer. Once you have one in your life, you'll find it accompanying you to the office, festivals, camping, and even on vacations abroad. How does a thermos bottle work? In a nutshell, they used a double-walled structure that eliminated the air between these walls, creating a vacuum. Heat has difficulty passing through a vacuum, which means that the liquid maintains a roughly constant temperature. In everyday life, people are used to drinking water from a thermos, which is especially common in winter. So, can storing liquids in a Stainless Steel Thermos Flask cause harmful chemical changes in the body?


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Stainless Steel Thermos Flask Is Safe

In fact, simply filling the stainless steel thermos flask with water is non-toxic and will not cause any harm to the human body. The stainless steel thermos is made of double-layered stainless steel inside and outside. The inner liner and the outer shell are combined by welding technology, and the air in the middle layer between the inner liner and the outer shell is extracted by vacuum technology to achieve the effect of vacuum insulation. It has the advantages of good thermal insulation performance, light weight, anti-fracture, anti-corrosion, anti-extrusion, fast heat resistance and convenient operation.


In addition, the stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle is made of food grade 304 stainless steel. steel to ensure that heavy metal levels, including lead, are not exceeded in the thermos. At the same time, the inner lid of the ordinary stainless steel thermos cup is made of PC material. PC material is boiled in boiling water, tasteless and not deformed. The apron is made of silicone and is also non-toxic. So, are stainless steel thermoses toxic? The stainless steel thermos cups purchased through regular channels are non-toxic to drinking water and will not endanger people's healthy drinking water. But be careful not to choose a stainless steel cup that is too cheap, because the cost of 304 stainless steel determines the quality. However, if you use a stainless steel thermos to contain acidic or alkaline substances, it will produce toxic substances that are harmful to your body.


It is not toxic to choose an ordinary stainless steel thermos, but if the stainless steel thermos flask is not filled with boiling water, but with tea or milk, soy milk and other substances, everything must be careful. Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, theophylline and aromatic oils, as well as a variety of vitamins. If you use a thermos cup to make tea, the tea leaves will be soaked in high temperature water for a long time, which will greatly reduce the nutritional value of the tea leaves and make the tea leaves tasteless. Bitterness, harmful substances in tea will also increase. If the cup is full of milk, it will cause bacterial growth every 20 minutes and the milk will spoil after 3-4 hours. In addition, the constant temperature in the thermos will destroy the vitamins in milk and directly affect physical and mental health.


Benefits of Stainless Steel Thermos Flask

Surely, Koodee's 304 stainless steel vacuum flask has many advantages. Its vacuum-insulation properties minimize heat transfer through convection, conduction, and radiation. These paths help keep hot things in the flask hotter, while cold things remain colder. While this method may be the least effective, it can make a huge difference in the quality of your drinks. This type of thermos is a great choice if you plan to drink cold drinks while on the go.


They have a strong outer wall and can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature temperatures. Their thin outer wall makes them more likely to dent or break than thicker-walled bottles. The inner liquid can be stored at nearly any temperature. This is an ideal option if you plan to store your liquids for several hours. A stainless steel thermos is ideal for home kitchen use, as it's easy to clean and maintain.


Today, There are various kinds of thermoses available on the market. we suggest you can choose vacuum flask thermos with a large capacity, a small capacity, or a combination of both. You should be aware of what the flask can hold and whether or not it's leak-proof. You can even purchase a portable version that doubles as a water bottle. However, be careful when buying one with a large volume, as this is less likely to keep liquids cold for long periods of time.



In addition to the durability and safety of your thermos, consider its durability. Compared to smaller stainless steel flasks, thick stainless steel is less likely to rust and dent. When purchasing a thermos, be sure to check whether it has multiple parts. Its thickness will affect the durability of the container. If you do not find this important, you should consider buying a larger capacity flask.


In a nutshell, Koodee stainless steel thermosk for sale is a great choice for everyday use. Its double walls are 60% thinner than a standard vacuum flask. The stainless steel outer wall is smooth and easy to clean. The thermos' wide mouth allows for easy filling. If you plan to carry your flask on a hike, a large-capacity thermos will fit your needs. Koodee thermos is a durable flask that's also a lightweight alternative for your demands.




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