17th People's Congress of NanHai District, Foshan GuangDong



On November 11, the first meeting of the 17th People's Congress of Nanhai District, Foshan City was held. At the meeting, Wang Yong, acting mayor of the People’s Government of Nanhai District, Foshan City, gave a report to the meeting, pointing out that around the transformation of ecological civilization, Nanhai District will adhere to the joint construction of the whole people in the next five years and accelerate the formation of an “environmental protection, everyone is responsible”. Good situation.


The report proposes that in the next five years, the Nanhai District will start from four aspects to promote the transformation of ecological civilization. The main contents are: to promote the overall green transformation of the industry. Resolutely implement the carbon peak, carbon neutral deployment requirements, and energy consumption "dual control" policy, study and formulate regional carbon peak implementation paths, promote "consumption reduction" in production methods and "emission reduction" in lifestyles, and continue to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP. Strengthen the environmental access management of key industries, vigorously support the development of environmental protection industries, cultivate and expand industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, clean production, clean energy, and pan-household product recycling, and give full play to the leading role of industrial development in driving ecological civilization.


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Lishui Foshan

Strengthen ecological conservation and ecological restoration. Strictly observe the ecological red line, strengthen the construction of ecological function zones, promote the connection of "three lines and one single" and "village reform", implement the "river chief system" and "lake chief system", strengthen the management of landscape, forest, field, and lake systems, and implement the conservation and restoration of important ecosystems Project, actively carry out the ecological restoration of Hexin Island, and build a high-level park of 10,000 acres and 1,000 acres.


Promote the integration of construction and management of pollution control facilities. "Take water environment governance as the top priority, invest 30 billion yuan in financial funds within 5 years, leverage more than 10 billion yuan of social funds, and promote the fundamental improvement of the water environment quality in the region." Wang Yong said that Nanhai District will speed up pollution interception. In addition to the construction of pollution control facilities such as pipe networks and sewage treatment plants, more attention has been paid to facility management and maintenance, and various environmental violations have been severely cracked down.


Residents of the NanHai live along with the ponds, large and small ponds scattered throughout the village


Build an ecological and environmental protection collaborative co-governance mechanism. Extensively mobilize enterprises, the masses, and all sectors of society to participate in environmental protection, squeeze and consolidate the main responsibility of environmental protection of enterprises, guide enterprises to increase investment in environmental protection, strengthen technological innovation, and accelerate green development. Vigorously advocate "build your own home", fully encourage the general public to jointly protect the ecological environment, and continuously improve the public participation system.


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